When accessing non-traditional markets overseas – whether emerging, developing, or high-risk environments, your ability to mitigate risk, be efficient, and act effectively is paramount. Information on what partnership possibilities exist and how to access them requires inside understanding and personalized support. 

How do you find the right partnerships?

We are your country experts

 ABI-International is your trusted concierge, providing a customized, comprehensive, and executable roadmap to advance your initiatives in targeted non-traditional and international markets. We save you time and resources, ensuring you have the relevant information and personalized connections you need to pursue and navigate opportunity and business growth.  


What We Do 

We break down barriers of entry into high-growth, non-traditional markets for your organization. How? We offer curated and vetted knowledge, leverageable and customized introductions, targeted market research, cultural intelligence, and personalized in-country tours to help you successfully advance your initiatives in emerging, developing, and high-risk markets.  

Our range of white glove services include: 

  • Needs assessment in non-traditional markets for your organization/industry 
  • Tailored operational guide on the potential market’s context and cultural norms
  • Customized industry research
  • Executive advising on approaching potential partners
  • Recommendations of events and international conferences for your targeted participation
  • Arrangement of all meetings and personal introductions in-country
  • Plan, facilitate, and/or host your in-country experience

To be effective, we continuously review and analyze international market information in emerging, developing, and high-risk environments provided by governments, think tanks, academia, private sector firms, trade and industry associations, personal connections, non-governmental organizations, and additional sources. international markets